Where is the cost of sponsorship?

It will be used to pay for the event. It is used for place rental fee, booth operation fee, various program progress fee, overseas speaker airfare and hotel, speaker and Organizing Team meal, video recording, subtitle process, commemoraive T-shirt.

Can I issue a tax invoice?

Yes, you can issue a tax invoice in the name of the Python User Group.

Can I apply for multiple sponsorship levels when applying for a sponsor?

No, duplicate applications are not possible. Since the selection of sponsors is done in the order of deposit, it is recommended to apply for the level you want to sponsor. Some sponsorship levels may be closed early because of the number of sponsors. You can find the remaining number of sponsors in that sponsorship level on the Sponsor Application page.

Whar is the process for selecting a sponsor?

The process of selecting a sponsor is as follows, and most of the process is conducted on the PyCon Korea website or e-mail.

Sponsor Session

When is the deadline for preparing sponsor session?

We will receive a draft around the end of July, and it will be need to reviewed it later.


Can you simply share the results of the event?

Yes, at the end of the last day of the event, we will present a brief statistics to all participants. Based on the data, I will share it on our website and email.

Can a sponsor individually promote itself to its own channel, “We sponsor PyCon Korea”?

Of course it will. If any of the information on the list is incorrect, we will request a correction.